Michael Reagan Named National Chairman of League
Read an Urgent Letter from Michael Reagan

Dear Fellow American:

I am pleased to share some important news with you.

Recently I was elected by the Board of Directors of the League of American Voters as their new National Chairman.

I know you are probably aware of the League's influence in Washington on the key issues before Congress and across the nation in mobilizing grass-roots leaders to fight President Obama's big government policies.

With the help of Americans like you the League stood tall against President Obama's radical "Obamacare" legislation.

The League engaged in a national grass-roots and local media effort that exposed Obamacare for what it is, a blatant attempt to socialize our health care system and kill off private health insurance.

Obamacare did pass, but a key plank of the plan called the "Public Option" — which would have allowed tens of millions of Americans to go on a free national healthcare system — was blocked.

If the Public Option had remained in the law, it would be doubtful the Supreme Court would have any basis to strike down Obamacare.

The League has been credited with stopping the Public Option.

Dick Morris, the famous Fox News analyst, has stated the League did so and that "the League is one of the most effective grass-roots organization in America."

We proved our effectiveness when the League became the only national organization in 2010 to wage a national media campaign to demand Congress and President Obama renew the Bush tax cuts.

At that time the League teamed with former Sen. Fred Thompson to fight for the renewal of the Bush tax cuts.

Our efforts paid off. Obama, no doubt kicking and screaming, signed the renewal of the Bush tax cuts. He had to.

We warned Americans in a multimillion-dollar ad campaign about the dangers of not renewing those cuts — that we could witness another Great Depression.

I am a great believer in the American people and their common sense.

My late father, President Ronald Reagan, repeatedly said that when the people are properly informed, they will almost always make the right decision.

He believed in regular voters like you and me.

He didn't believe the liberal political spin that flows out of New York, Washington or even Hollywood.

The League is a powerful grass-roots citizens organization that continues my father's legacy by informing the American people about the threats posed to our free enterprise system, our national security and our civil society.

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Time and again, the League has been out front in opposing Barack Obama's radical leftist agenda in Washington.

When Scott Walker came under fierce attack in Wisconsin as he sought to deal with a multibillion-dollar deficit, and Obama and his union allies sought to crush him, the League once again came to the rescue.

We were one of the few organizations that went into Wisconsin to fight the good fight. We aired ads across Wisconsin explaining to voters the stakes.

Obama's allies attacked us, but we stood firm.

We won that battle too.

We did it with the help of people like you.

You Can Help the League — Go Here Now

Frankly, I must tell you that I get approached by many organizations and causes to support. Many are worthy ones and are supported by good people.

But the League is special and unique.

It has a proven track record of success — and that's why I have decided to take time out from my busy schedule to join the League as its National Chairman.

Admittedly, my sacrifice here is not great, but it is still very important.

You can take a similar "small step" for our cause by joining with me.

You made our victories possible.

You woke up the American people.

But we still need your help this year — this year more than ever!

I believe this is a critical year in America's history — perhaps the most critical year in all of our country's history!

The League has a comprehensive plan of battle — using TV, radio, the Internet — to expose Obama's liberal agenda that he STILL is trying to push through Congress.

Obama is also clearly trying to bypass Congress and defy the Constitution. His recent decision to give blanket amnesty to nearly 1 million illegal aliens is just one example.

This is dangerous and Obama must be exposed and stopped.

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At the end of this year the Bush tax cuts are once again up for renewal.

Obama has vowed he will NOT renew these cuts. If nothing is done before Dec. 31 of this year? The tax cuts completely expire.

And taxes will be increased for ALL Americans.

Financial experts, from both political parties, are warning that America is careening toward a "fiscal cliff" on Jan. 1, 2013, when those Bush tax cuts expire.

If they are not renewed, in one fell swoop and automatically the largest tax increase in American history will take place.

There is no doubt about it — a $500 billion tax increase is set to explode across the U.S economy during one of the worst recessions in our history.

Recently, anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist put it bluntly: "The coming tax increases will be devastating."

Grover continued — and it's important you read this:

"The coming tax increases will be devastating. Every American that pays taxes will see their rate go up. The small business tax rate will grow to nearly 40 percent. The AMT will grow from 4 million to 31 million victims.

"The death tax will take half of what many Americans leave behind when they die. The capital gains rate will rise from 15 to 24 percent, and the top dividend rate will rise from 15 to 45 percent. The marriage penalty will return, and the child tax credit will be cut in half. Obamacare will impose 20 new or higher taxes on families and small employers, including a new tax on medical devices like braces and pacemakers."

Frankly, Obama's war against the middle class must be stopped in his lethal plan to destroy the American economy.

The League of American Voters and you can do this!

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You can do it by exposing Obama for what he is, a tax-and-spend liberal.

In fact, he's the biggest tax-and-spending liberal in U.S. history.

We can stop him.

I realize there are many organizations seeking your support.

But the League needs to make a difference. This year. It's critical.

We have a critical need of funds to begin the rollout of our national media campaign to renew the Bush tax cuts and expose Obama's incredible and dangerous agenda.

Dick Morris also supports this effort and says, "The League can make the critical difference whether Obama gets his way and America goes down the socialist path or he's stopped once and for all."

Today, I need you to step up for the country and join with the League in our critical mission.

I did.

My Dad was fond of saying, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

I can't think of a time when those two questions were so appropriately asked, and when their answers are so compellingly clear.

This is our moment to take back America from Obama, the big unions and the special interests. Once and for all.

The League is your vehicle to strike back at Obama and the Washingon fat cats — and make America better, stronger, freer.

I need you to join me and the League again on this great crusade.

Join Me in Taking Back America — Go Here Now

Thank you and may God bless America.

Yours for America,

Michael Reagan

P.S. As I write this I have just learned that Obama's allies will spend hundreds of millions to fool the American people.We need to counter those efforts. I have always believed that truth always defeat the lie, even if we are outspent. That's why your donation — no matter how small or big — can make a huge difference in our national awareness campaign. Please help us today — Go Here Now